361873220M Water Pump Repair Kit 25C - 40C

361873220M Water Pump Repair Kit 25C - 40C


Tohatsu Nissan Genuine OEM Outboard Motor Part Number 361873220M Water Pump Repair Kit 25C - 40C

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Part Information
SKU number: 105011
Tohatsu Part No. 361873220M
Original Part No. 361-87322-0
Manufactured by Nissan / Tohatsu
MSRP Price $53.52
Sales Price $48.17
Your Saving $5.35
US Transit Time 1-5 days
Worldwide Transit Time 2-10 days
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Part Description

Nissan Tohatsu OEM Genuine part

Water Pump Kits : 361873220M Water Pump Repair Kit 25C - 40C :
Part Number Description Remarks Quantity Needed
Tohatsu Part No. 361873220MWATER PUMP REPAIR KIT1
Original Part Number361-87322-0WATER PUMP REPAIR KIT 25B-40C1

Superseded Part Numbers

This part also used the following part numbers (superseded numbers)
Part Number Description Quantity in Stock
361873220M361873220M Water Pump Repair Kit 25C - 40C 16 (Selected)

Cross Reference List

This part also can be used in the following motors:
Year Power Type Model Section
2004 M40C 24. ASSEMBLY - KITS
2004 NS40C 24. ASSEMBLY - KITS
2003 M25C3 23. ASSEMBLY - KIT
2003 M30A4 23. ASSEMBLY - KIT
2003 NS25C3 23. ASSEMBLY - KIT
2003 NS30A4 23. ASSEMBLY - KIT

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