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As a service to our customers, copies of our owner's manuals are available at no charge.

The owner's manuals are in Adobe's "PDF" format. In order to download/view these manuals you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

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NOTE: If you have trouble viewing the PDF file in your browser, try Right-Clicking on the link, then choose the option to "Save As" and save the PDF file to your computer. Then navigate to the location you saved the file, and double-click the PDF file to load it directly to your Acrobat Reader program.

Model Comment
MFS 2A  
MFS 2.5B  
MFS 3.5A  
MFS 3.5B  
MFS 4A  
MFS 4A2  
MFS 4B  
MFS 5A  
MFS 5A2  
MFS 5B  
MFS 6A  
MFS 6A2  
MFS 6B  
MFS 8A  
MFS 8A3  
MFS 9.8A  
MFS 9.8A3  
MFS 9.9A  
MFS 9.9B  
MFS 9.9B2  
MFS 15A  
MFS 15B  
MFS 15B2  
MFS 15C  
MFS 18B  
MFS 18B2  
MFS 20C  
MFS 25A Carbureted Model
MFS 25B EFI Model
MFS 30A Carbureted Model
MFS 30B EFI Model
Model Comment
MD 40A  
MD 40B  
MD 50A  
MD 50B  
MD 70A2  
MD 70B  
MD 90A  
MD 90A2  
MD 90B  
MD 115A  


Model Comment
M 2.5A2  
M 3.5A2 Forward Only
M 3.5B2 Forward/Neutral
M 5B Internal Tank
M 5BS External Tank
M 8B  
M 9.8B  
M 9.9C  
M 9.9D  
M 9.9D2  
M 15C  
M 15D  
M 15D2  
M 18D  
M 18E  
M 18E2  
M 25C2 2-Cylinder
M 25C3 2-Cylinder
M 25D 3-Cylinder
M 30A3  
M 30A4  
M 40C 2-Cylinder
M 40D 3-Cylinder
M 40D2 3-Cylinder
M 50C 2-Cylinder
M 50D 3-Cylinder
M 50D2 3-Cylinder
M 55B 2-Cylinder
M 60A 2-Cylinder
M 60B 3-Cylinder
M 60C 3-Cylinder
M 70A 2-Cylinder
M 70A2 2-Cylinder
M 70B 3-Cylinder
M 70C 3-Cylinder
M 90A  
M 115A  
M 115A2  
M 140A  


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