Arterra Distribution WF8935MBA Wfco Parts & Accessories

Arterra Distribution WF8935MBA Wfco Parts & Accessories


Wfco Parts & Accessories
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Product Information
Manufactured by
SKU number 248920
Product Part No. 715-WF8935MBA
Manufacturer Part No. WF8935MBA
UPC 816227010155
Min Order Quantity 1
Sold as Unit of Measure EA
MSRP Price $230.79
Sales Price $176.16
Your Saving $54.63
Sales Tax1 $0.00
USA Delivery Time2 1-6 Days
Worldwide Delivery Time 3-10 Days
Availability Out of Stock
Quantity in Stock 0

1 Florida residents pay Florida Sales Tax
2 When the item leaves the warehouse

Product Details

Wfco Parts & Accessories

Product Specification
Condition NEW
Package EA
LNS Part 715-WF8935MBA
DMP part 32-7931
Description Repl. Converter - Main Board Assy.
Amps 35
Product Shipping Information
Weight (lb) 2.75
Lenght (in) NA
Width (in) NA
Height (in) NA
Ship Restriction N

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